Shania Dindyal

Have been with the center 2 years. I handle stress better, i sleep better, and happier!!

Jay Dee

When I was handed out the brochure of the Mississauga Meditation two (2) years ago, I got very interested. So I didn’t waste any time and did an inquiry via e-mail right away. I’ve included my callback number to make sure I am reachable. This Meditation method applies to me as well as to many people out there who are in search of Truth. Since I started it, I have been feeling light. I have learned how to de-clutter my mind and free myself of attachments from temporary things in life. It has been a fruitful journey since Day 1. This is a unique method to learn and find inner peace. Thank you for taking time to read my experience in this Meditation method. You can also start your own journey NOW by visiting the centre to know more about the method. It could be the best thing that you can do for yourself. I also would like thank the staffs of the Mississauga Meditation for their sincere help for me to learn the method. - Joselito

Scott Lee

I've been doing this meditation for over 6 months now and it has been very transformative in my daily life. I would highly recommend anyone who is sitting on the fence to try it and see if it works for them. There is nothing to lose.

I've come from a Zen meditation background (Hyde Park, Toronto) and found the schedule and distance not conducive to my busy lifestyle here in Mississauga. This subtraction meditation method has simply worked with far less frustration than other methods. It is a removal process which clears up the mind.

Katarina and Steve have both been very encouraging as guides using this technique. They provide very clear explanation of the path and the method. I couldn't be happier with their guidance.