The Stars

How to Clear Your Mind


Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts
Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself

Level 3: Throwing away the image of my body
Level 4: Throwing away the body and the false universe
Level 5: Throwing away the body and the false universe
Level 6: Myself disappears and becomes the universe
Level 7: Throwing away the picture world and myself living in that world; habits

Our meditation is a guided meditation that consists of seven levels. Each level has a unique method to eliminate the false human mind. Anyone can practice regardless of age, race, religion, belief system, or ideology.


  • Your face becomes bright 

  • Your face becomes the most beautiful according to your style

  • Illnesses disappear

  • All the mind clutter disappears

  • You are able to succeed, your efficiency can be boosted by more than 10x

  • Exhaustion disappears

  • You are always in comfort and happy

  • You have confidence in whatever it is you do

  • You will become illness-free and have longevity

  • You achieve Human Completion and live forever